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Stood Up

To begin with you must recognize one thing. Unless someone is car jacked, kidnapped or dead, there is absolutely no excuse for them to stand up you. Additionally there are few things more ill-mannered to do to someone.
If you are being stood up: DO NOT CALL THEM. In case your plans are definitive, then the man knows fairly nicely where/when to meet with you or pick you up. The exception for this is, of course, amnesia but in that case you do not want to date them anyhow. The following thing you must realize is when you are being stood up, they don’t desire to meet with you. It is not that complex. They would have shown up whenever they wanted to meet with you. Once you understand these things it is time to get some pleasure.

IF YOU STOOD THEM UP:24 hours later you need to call them. Make sure to not block your number since you want them to be aware that it is you. Odds are that they will not answer so you will have the opportunity to leave them a message. When they do answer you are able to pretty much do the same. You have to apologize for standing THEM up. Let them know that you’re extremely sorry for not being there and Make sure you are honest and clear why you did it. if you do lie (and i strongly advise against this) I advocate something like you were shopping lost track of the time or say you forgot that you had an appointment to take your dog to the groomer. Something along those lines but it must be really idiotic and unimportant. remind them that they should of come first if you make plans/a date. if they do decide to go on another date with you make sure that you not only agree to pick THEM up but make sure you communicate what time you are leaving and what time you are picking them up. i advise to text/call them when you are about to leave your home to pick them up.

Either way, being stood up or being the one who is doing the standing up is going to have its consequences. so always remember that one day you can be on either side of the shoe so make sure you do the right thing.

4 thoughts on “Stood Up”

March 29, 2016

There is a code to standing someone up??


March 29, 2016

If I stand you up you should just take the hint.


March 29, 2016

Simple! If you stand me up I will just never talk to you again.


March 30, 2016

Exactly. Unless there is a legitimate reason why you didn’t show, you will be right swiped.


April 16, 2019

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