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In dating, when someone places you in the friend zone what they’re basically saying is: I enjoy your character but I’m not physically attracted to you. Although there are variations to this opinion, what separates a friendship from an intimate relationship is sexual attraction and desire.

Want is what makes any relationship potential.
Without desire there is no motivation supporting the relationship to make sure it stays living.

The amount of this want is what creates deep bonds and affections which result in even intimate relationships and life long friendships. The way to get out of the friend zone is easy: increase the amount of want to your level that is sexual.

If you are fearful of the phrase sex, or sexuality then this may be one reason why you might be in the friend zone. Sexual chemistry is the best technique for attraction. You need to inspire others to want to have sex with you.

The simplest way out of the friend zone is to generate sexual desire and chemistry.

First you create chemistry, meaning deep link, understanding, positive and affection feelings when they’re with you.

You create desire, meaning the idea of sex with you seems possible, pleasurable and last two people on earth scenario, not out of the inquiry. That without much prompting someone else would need to have sex with you. Fantasize about it before it actually happens although not need it.

It is important to understand that our brain is wired for desire and chemistry. We want things all the time. It is all section of the natural selection procedure. When we’re aroused, before our brains do, our body knows. It’s really our brains that talk us out of the temptation.
Before starting your process of getting out of the friend zone observe the following rules:

1. Times are taken by this process. Just like an eating plan, don’t expect to see effects the next day, or the next week and then just quit.

2. This process takes discipline. Self control is the reason many relationships fail to grow. Desire can be killed by an over emphasis on expectations and emotions immediately. Understand that in order to control any situation you must first control yourself.

3. As directed, this procedure functions. Many people vary in the formula or attempt to ad lib or go off script but do not. You will negatively impact your results.

3 thoughts on “From Zero To Hero”

March 29, 2016

I am going to put this plan in action! I really need something to work for me.


March 29, 2016

I feel like I always end up in the friend zone!


March 30, 2016

Poor guy…friend zone is never good.


April 16, 2019

Fantastic stuff. With thanks!
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