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Drinking and Dating

For all people, the theory of sober relationship is somewhat daunting — sure, it works if you do an activity-established date in the day. But sitting across from someone and making dialog minus the social lubricant which is alcohol? Tough — not hopeless! — but rough.

Yet there’s another side to that coin also, which is drinking. Getting overly tipsy on a date is a turnoff. Some people change into a totally different person when they are drunk. Allow the other man learn about you while you are not intoxicated, before you get wasted with them. Booze needs to be introduced into the relationship but if a drink or two takes the edge off, and wine adds love story, it is fine.

Occasionally folks will probably be quite so nervous in regards to a date that they will throw back two drinks before their date even arrives. Obviously being fall-down-intoxicated is a turn-off, but so will be the lesser effects of booze: sloppiness, being obnoxiously loud and drowsy /passing out in the centre of the date.

Assure that not only are you seen in the very best light, but you also do not make any selections -about your date, or about your nighttime, that you wouldn’t make sober.

2 thoughts on “Drinking and Dating”

March 29, 2016

I remember going on a date with a friend of a friend. It started out great, we did some outdoor activities, but we ended the date at the local pub. I’ve never seen someone change moods as quickly as she did.


March 30, 2016

Oh ya, this is where the date starts to become fun.


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